30 Aug

Meet Executive Chef, Trent Watson

Meet Executive Chef, Trent Watson 1

With a wildly interesting culinary background, Trent Watson spent his early career cooking for touring musicians and celebrities, counting Dolly Parton and Pearl Jam as some of his favourites. After a few years working within international kitchens, Trent returned to his native New Zealand and was determined to hone his skills with more local produce.

Trent joined No5 Church Lane at The Spire Hotel back in 2016 as the Head Chef, developing the traditional and unique flavours and shared-style dining experience that the restaurant was well known for.

Trent is now at the helm as our Executive Chef and is passionate about getting the doors of No5 Church Lane open once again.

  • Tell us a bit about your inspiration for No5 Church Lane.

I like to think of it as a celebration of what came before, what the European farmers brought over to New Zealand, and what the new international migration has brought. I want to create a menu that represents the melting pot of what is New Zealand society, celebrating diversity and the shared experience of New Zealand.

  • Tell us about your commitment to local produce and why that is an important part of your food philosophy?

I am hugely inspired by the mountains, earth and sea and I want to work with local suppliers that reflect this passion.

I want to support the local guys coming out of New Zealand after Covid especially. As hard as we have had it recently, it is not just the restaurant scene who have been struggling, but also the guys who supply us.

Local and seasonal is always best. It is a way to show people where I come from and show the pride I have in my country.

  • Are there any dishes you want to bring back to the menu?

I have always loved the dishes that were visually appealing and tasted just as good as they looked.

I’m definitely looking to bring back the Bush Curry – my take on a tikka masala style sauce, using only native ingredients. It was always a firm favourite, but I would love to elevate it this time around.