Top 5 picks for what to get mum for Mother's Day

Top 5 picks for what to get mum for Mother's Day
20 Apr

Top 5 picks for what to get mum for Mother’s Day

Due to some cosmic scheduling issues Mother’s Day has come earlier than usual this year, falling on the 8th of May thanks to the 1st of the month falling bang on a Sunday. If that realisation has hit you like a proverbial brick (like it did me) you’ll no doubt be hitting the browser tabs looking for some gift inspiration. There are of course the standard choices like flowers or a sentimental, somewhat thought out piece of jewelry, but I like to think a little more along the lines of an experience; something Mum can really enjoy. But everyone and every Mum is different so let’s explore the options:


Flowers are usually a winner, they look beautiful, smell nice and are relatively cheap. They come in all sorts of colours and varieties and range from the last-second-oh-crap-I-forgot convenience store variety to the almost-blowing-your-budget florist creations, and will usually last a few days before Mum has to deal with them dying all over her coffee table. You can even go the step further and buy Mum a flowering pot plant that will (hopefully) stay alive and be the gift that keeps on giving – or taking, depending on the level of maintenance required!


Jewelry is a tricky thing and is usually very personal. My rule of thumb when it comes to jewelry is that it’s better to let the intended recipient choose it for themselves so as to avoid the item in question ending up in a drawer somewhere rarely worn and sadly forgotten about. I’ll admit that a couple of my birthday/Christmas bracelets and charms may have found their way onto eBay

With that in mind, I tend to think that giving jewelry as a gift should remain the domain of exchanging best friend charms in the school yard and tokens from romantic partners.


Ok so I’m talking about irons, vacuum cleaners, steam mops and the like…

Don’t do it. Just don’t.

Mother’s Day is about spoiling Mum and making her feel special, not upgrading the ironing board and in doing so suggesting that the task of the family ironing is reserved especially for Mum, which anyone not living in the 1950s should know is super uncool.


If your Mum is into the #pamperedlife then massages, facial treatments, mani-pedis or anything else that will spoil her for the day is a great option. Even a simple bubble bath with some Champagne can make her day, and our friends at Molton Brown have all kinds of sensory delights in their bath & body range. In fact we think they’re such a nice idea that for anyone staying in The Spire Hotel over Mother’s Day weekend will get a Molton Brown gift pack!


Sometimes simple really is best and breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day morning is tried and true. This year you can go big by booking a room at The Spire Hotel where Mum can enjoy room service breakfast in bed! That means all the prep, cooking and cleaning all taken care of and some of the comfiest beds around. For the whole month of May we have a special Mother’s Day package including breakfast, evening cocktails, airport transfers in one of our of luxury Land Rover vehicles AND an exclusive Molton Brown gift pack valued at $50 per person – with both ‘hers’ and ‘his’ options available. Minimum 2 night stay available for the whole month of May. Click here to book.

Mother’s Day win.