25 Feb

Flavors of the Wakatipu

Elderberries are in season and are in abundance in the Wakatipu basin if you are willing to go foraging for them. They are a wonderful balance of sweet and tart with a touch of earthiness.

We are currently in the process of pickling, drying and persevering them with the hope of producing a white balsamic and elderberry vinegar for the winter months.

In an effort to push our vegetarian and vegan cuisine forward here at No5 Church Lane we are also spearheading our fermentation programs with a healthy home brewed kombucha.  

With all the boutique flavors available to us around the region we’re spoiled for choice!

So far we have experimented with cherry blossoms, strawberry, elderflower and apple, the latter being the front runner for flavor of the month.

We aim to have the final product ready for guests by mid autumn and incorporating some in the main menu by winter.  The team in the bar at No5 Church Lane have already starting working on cocktail recipes with this secret weapon in the flavor profile.

the Kombucha revolution is in full swing around the country, some our fellow enthusiasts in the city of sails have set the bar high.

What have you enjoyed seeing blooming on your travels around the area? We would love to hear what people are using to make their dishes pop at home this season.

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