Luxurious Molton Brown

Luxurious Molton Brown
11 Mar

Luxurious Molton Brown

Nestled amongst our bathroom amenities are the luxurious Molton Brown products. These products are amazing so let me share a bit about them with you!

The name Molton Brown is a fusion of the street name (South Molton) and the cutting edge fashion boutique (Browns) established by Caroline Burstein (their founders) parents further up the road.

Molton Brown have the reputation of being London’s bath, body and beauty connoisseurs.
They blend exotic ingredients from around the world with a touch of London eccentricity for bold fragrances and bright colours that stand out.

These funky products are distributed all over the world and can be found within our bathrooms in little ol’ Queenstown. Never to worry though, each product is still blended at home in London and has been since 1973.

For you masculine men out there, don’t fear these amazing products are for men and women, so you don’t have to smell too floral.

And for the animal conscious, Molton brown can hold their heads high and be proud as they have the leaping bunny logo to certify no harm is made to animals in the process of making these luxurious products.

But it’s not just the animals we are talking about here, it’s ALL of Mother Nature. They are always exploring new ways and processes to be as eco-friendly as possible. Their plastic is the most environmentally friendly and all the bottles are 100% recyclable.

So go for it, here’s how we would do it:
Have a steamy hot shower lathering your hair with their Indian Cress Purifying Shampoo & Conditioner (London via Bolivia), while you’re waiting for your hair to get nice and silky smooth and smelling delicious scrub the bod with the wonderful ever so manly Pink Peppered body wash (London via the Gulf of Guinea). Then after your shower dry yourself with our soft white Egyptian cotton towels and get all snugly in one our lush bath robes and slippers, sit in front of the fire and don’t forget to moisturise those elbows with the Cocoa & Sandalwood body lotion (London via the Philippines).

Here’s the secret…
Not only is it found in the guest rooms. Go to the WC’s downstairs and discover the Orange and Bergamont Hand Wash, and to follow – the matching Nourishing Hand Lotion. So you don’t have to stay with us to indulge in these delightful products, (well it’d be nice if you did..) just come for a seriously awesome cocktail or some mouth-watering local food from our menu at No5 Restaurant and Bar.

We fell in love with these products writing about them, so hopefully you will too while using them!